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Kendra Hodgson - KH Realty

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Kendra Hodgson - KH Realty

1-695 Innovation Drive
Kingston, ON    K7K7E6


Kendra moved to Kingston shortly after high school, and quickly began entangling herself with local real estate investments. She has been building an extensive real estate portfolio for herself ever since, and does the same for her clients, both new and experienced.

Recently, Kendra joined the Speakers Bureau with Kingston’s Habitat for Humanity, and is excited to bring awareness to this incredible cause!

You wouldn’t want to be on the other side of the negotiating table from Kendra. When your goals become her own, she will do anything to achieve them. Some of Kendra’s clients have become her closest friends; she has become so personally involved in their journey into the world of real estate. They always appreciate her unwavering commitment to “make it happen.”

Kendra’s passion for real estate and personal growth is contagious, whether you’re hiring her for her expertise on selling your home, or sitting down for a chat over cup of coffee/wine. Give her a call sometime! She would love to hear from you.