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Lakeside Dog Biscuits

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Lakeside Dog Biscuits

1068 Woodhaven Drive
Suite #1
Kingston, ON    K7P 0H7

We have been crafting natural, healthy dog biscuits made with local ingredients since 2002.

I had a golden retriever who had been diagnosed with cancer. After an extensive conversation with our vet about the questionable ingredients in commercial food and treats, I began researching what they were, and was truly offended that companies would use these ingredients and claim that their products were good for pets. Over the next few months, I went to the library at my University with baby Olivia in tow, and learned what ingredients were good for dogs. Using a recipe from a 1986 Harrowsmith Magazine as a base, I adapted the ingredients to healthy, local ingredients, and started baking. Our family, neighbours and friends wanted them and their dogs all loved them. Early in 2003, I began taking my dog treats to a small farmer's market in Verona Ontario, where they became very popular with local dog owners and their dogs. 

Over the years, the recipe has improved and in 2018 we added re-purposed spent grains from local craft breweries. One thing that hasn't changed is the popularity and the high quality ingredients.